Thank you, Gracias and Merci!

A heartfelt thank you to all who have taken the time to write me.  Your words of support and appreciation — and prayers for me and my family are very much appreciated.  It has been a pleasure to be your doctor.  Thank you for trusting me with your health and that of your families.  You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

If you have any questions or concerns, I will be happy to try to help.

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5 Responses to “Thank you, Gracias and Merci!”

  1. Kelly K. Says:

    I think I speak for a lot of patients when I say my thoughts and prayers are with you too. You’re an amazing doctor.

  2. Phyllis Barton Says:

    Dr. Boyd….I, too, am waiting anxiously to find out where you will be. I still feel that you saved me because you didn’t just listen to me, but you HEARD what I was saying. i will always remember that you were the one that got me to the treatment I needed for my heart. If you had not heard me, I know I would not be here today. Thank you so much. You are a very caring Doctor and I will follow you anywhere…..I am your loyal patient.
    P.S. I will not be seeing another doctor until I find out where you are.

  3. R. Martinez Says:

    Definitely hoping to see you soon. You’re one of the few doctors who makes me feel heard — and doesn’t rush me out the door!!

  4. Julia Chandler Says:

    I can’t believe what happened to you and all the other doctors who left the clinic. My husband and I were grateful to have you as a doctor. Hopefully we hear soon where you end up!

  5. June Barnes Says:

    Dr Boyd,

    All the Drs are leaving Sadler what are we suppose to do about our prescriptions? There are not any Drs left there that will write our prescriptions for pain meds. We that have Chronic Pain are really left in a bad situation. You gave me prescriptions to last a couple of months but now what after that. My insurance is Texas Health Spring and where do I go what do I do? I have a thyroid medicine that I only have 1 more refill on. WHat do I do after that? Can you still write our prescriptions until you get an office. We are left with no Options here. We are totally behind you 100% but this is going to affect our everyday living. We can’t function without our meds. I can go to another Dr but he is not on my insurance so I am going to pay an extremely high amount of money. Can you tell me what to do? Where to go?
    Thank You
    June Barnes

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