Where to Find Me

Through April 30, 2010, you may reach me at my regular office number.  After that time, you can contact me through this blog. You can also send me an e-mail to info@alfredaboydmd.com.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.

19 Responses to “Where to Find Me”

  1. Lynda Miller Says:

    Saw your letter yesterday about you leaving Sadler and then this morning saw the news article in the Conroe paper. This is where I found the web site to find out where you will be. My husband is a patient of yours, Dr. Stanley Miller and very upset about loosing you as his physician. Please, please stay in touch with all of us so we can continue to see you. We are most anxious about following you wherever you go.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Erin & Chris Throckmorton Says:

    Dr Boyd- we are also interested in following you to your next practice; hopefully that will be soon. =)

  3. Kelly K. Says:

    You’re an awesome, caring doctor who always takes the time to listen and really hear. Thanks for all you’ve done. Good luck. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Peter Widders Says:

    I also would be very interested in knowing where and when you plan to practice again…..Hope to see you again soon…Good Luck.

  5. James B. McCormick Says:

    I became immediately distressed to learn of your departure from Sadler Clinic. However, it causes me greater concern that so many of the physicians found it necessary to leave!

    I left my previous doctor extremely reluctantly and it was only because of the very long drive to his office. I must say I was so happy with the service and care from your staff and of course, you.

    I really hope you open up your practice very soon so I can return to you as a patient.

    People develop relationships with their doctor, not the clinic they are with. One would think Sadler would have seriously considered this fact.

  6. June Barnes Says:

    Dr. Boyd,

    I have had to change Doctors so many times after Dr Roberts left. I had been with her many years. Before Dr Roberts I had been with my Family Dr for over 30 yrs. I just don’t
    like having to change doctors. You are a very kind, caring, and understanding Dr. you don’t rush through your patients. I sincerely hope you get a new office open soon and take my Insurance. Even if you don’t take my Insurance will change Insurance to be able to come to you. Sadler Clinic has been going down for several yrs now. When Dr Roberts left noone even let me know. I made an appointment and just went in and had a new Dr assigned to me. They did not notify me until after my Pain Management Dr Ramenini left.
    I am so disappointed in Sadler Clinic.

  7. Paula H Says:

    Just let us know where you’ll be, we’ll be there.

    We appreciate your dedication to us and support your efforts to bring quality healthcare to the area. It’s just silly that this could happen in a place that prides itself on providing quality services.

    Many thanks!!

  8. Jacqui Pettit Says:

    Dr. Boyd:

    I just wanted to post to you that MedBeyond is a service company doing medical software hosting, credentialing, billing and collections. And, due to the myriad of things you now need to do to set up, we will be happy to help you and your fellow doctors as you move into private practice. Please visit us at med-beyond.com, or email me at jpettit[@]med-beyond.com. We are at your service! Best of luck to you and your wonderful patients.

    Jacqui P.

  9. Kathy Parker Says:

    Dr. Boyd,
    I was upset to receive the letter stating you were leaving Sadler Clinic. You always treated me with care and compassion and I am very grateful for that care. What a nice surprise to run into you and your family today and learn that you had not left the area. I will continue to check this web site to find out where you will move your practice. Hope to see you soon.

    Kathy Parker

  10. Michael T, Harris Says:

    I would love to continue being a patient at your next practice. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. I am really impressed by the personal attention that you give to your patients. I have decided to discontinue using Saddler Clinic and have not found a new family doctor.

    One of my prescriptions has lapsed and others will soon. Please keep me updated on your future practice.

    Todd Harris

  11. Jonathan Ellis Says:

    My partner, Michael Lawlis, and I are very interested in following you as well to your new location. You have been an amazing, kind, and compassionate doctor for us and we want very much for you to remain our physician of choice. Hope to see you again — Many thanks, and GOOD LUCK!

  12. Michele Robinson Says:

    Dr. Boyd, our hearts have been heavy since you and so many other doctors left Saddler Clinic and you are still loved and very missed. I tried a new doctor and it just didn’t work out so much for understanding and the level of care. That all went out the window when you left. We are very interested in Following you and want your new location.

  13. Bethanne Rollins Arafat Says:

    Dear Dr, Boyd,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you move into the next chapter in your life. Of course for selfish reasons, I hope you remain in the Houston or Woodlands area and look forward daily to an announcement in the mail of a new practice being opened.

    I thank you for the wonderful care you gave me during the short time I was your patient .
    You went out of your way to make me feel comfortable and I will always appreciate that extra care. It is my sincere hope that you are back up and running very soon.

    I have lost 5 physicians in the last few years associated with Sadler and with this round, I lost 3. It is very difficult to find a physician you feel comfortable with and I found that in you.

  14. James & Sallie Says:

    Look forward to hearing that you have set up shop again as I feel I cannot get sick without the doctor that saved Sallie’s life last year.

    Our prayers are with you and your family, and look forward to being your patient again in the near future.

  15. Abby H Says:

    You have been one of the best doctors that I have gone to. If it were not for you taking the time and listening to my mother I do not believe she would be alive today. She and I both have checked your site daily to see where you will be going; we both cannot wait to follow you to your new practice.

    Please tell us soon where you will be — I am trying so hard not to get sick (lol)! May you and your family continue to be blessed. Thank you so very much for being a great doctor, you are what so many of us have looked for in our physicians.

  16. The Carlile Family Says:

    Dr Boyd,

    My name is Micheal Carlile and my wife Rebecca and two teenagers Joshua and Kerrie were all saddened to learn that you had left the Sadler Clinic. After a very short time that you took over after Dr Roberts left we became very comfortable with you as our new doctor and we all felt like we had that bond as your patients and you as our doctor as we did with Janet Roberts, whom was our doctor for more than 10 years. We also found very quickly that you were someone who we can trust and be able to talk to about our medical problems or just to fix that dang persistent wart on my wife’s finger..LOL 🙂 We were all wondering if you have started up your own practice, because we will be there tomorrow filling out the paperwork to continue to have you as our PCP and hopefully have you as out Family Doctor for the rest of your time practicing. Please contact me by email, or the phone number I sent to you on your personal email address and let me know were your practice is or when you anticipate having one set up, which we hope will be very soon. We have had a terrible time trying to find another doctor and as of yet, to no avail.


    The Carlile Family

  17. Phyllis Barton Says:

    Any news on where you will be practicing? Please post as soon as you can…lots of folks are looking for ya !! See ya soon.

  18. Chet Crump Says:

    Dr Boyd I am happy to have finally found you. Many things have happened since I last saw you. Please keep in touch.

  19. Rosemary Scott Says:

    I agree with Phyllis, there are lots of folks looking for you. I also agree with all the other heart felt comments! Hope to see an update soon.

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